NX Uranium, Inc (the Company) is engaged in the acquisition, exploration and development of uranium and minerals. The Company entered the uranium industry in 2013 with a strategic focus to build a fully-integrated uranium production company over the next five years.

NX Uranium, Inc., completed its first acquisition taking a 65% interest in 80 acres of an historical uranium mine with a projected reserve of 95,000 pounds. The Company completed the acquisition of the remaining 35% interest in August 2014. The company will stake claims on the 200 acres surrounding the property to protect its current land position during the fourth quarter 2014. NX Uranium, Inc. is currently engaged in Phase I of the Company’s business model. 

Phase I - consists of the acquisition of ten million pounds of Uranium primarily located in the Colorado Plateau District of the United States. Acquisition targets have already been identified and include properties with known historical reserves on site. The targeted properties are either land parcels or dormant mines both of which have staked claims and historical reserves.

Phase II - consists of the acquisition of additional properties with historical Uranium reserves and securing a working mine or developing a mine from one of the acquisitions.

Phase III - consists of the continued acquisition of additional properties with historical reserves but also focuses on the acquisition of a working mill. Upon the completion of Phase III, the Company would control the Uranium process all the way from the ore in the ground to the finished product at the mill.

The company has completed a comprehensive target list of acquisitions representative of the three Phases to be completed over the next five years and is currently negotiating with various owners regarding the acquisition terms. Management will look to identify and develop revenue producing assets and services that will harmonize with the long-term goal of becoming a mining company.