Management & Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board - John T Conroy
  • Mr. Conroy is an experienced executive and entrepreneur of more than 34 years and has the skill set needed to run public companies in today’s regulatory environment. Mr. Conroy has a proven track record of turning around and managing complex organizations and also has the financial expertise to drive the financial aspect of any company. Mr. Conroy has been Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Officer for three hospitals in Florida and Louisiana. His major accomplishments include the successful turn-around of two rehab hospitals.
  • Mr. Conroy is the former founder and CEO of Specialty Hospital Resources, Inc., a rehab development company specializing in designing, building and managing physical rehabilitation facilities for hospitals.
  • In 1993 Mr. Conroy founded Pestop in Baton Rouge. It was the first retail store featuring professional strength pest control products for home and business owners. Over the next 20 years, the company grew to five stores and is one of the largest retailer organizations of professional strength pest control products in the south.
  • In 2004, Mr. Conroy co-founded Y-Tel International, Inc which originated as a wholesale telecommunications company located in Panama City, Panama. Over the next ten years the company changed its business model from telecommunications to rural cable television and later to Uranium Exploration and is known today as known as NX Capital Co.
  • Over the last ten years, Mr. Conroy has founded more than seven companies and served as a consultant to Glenview Capital a New York based Hedge Fund.
  • Mr. Conroy graduated from the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga in 1980 and received his CPA license from the state of Florida in 1986 but is not currently active in the associations.
Chief Financial Officer - John T Conroy
  • As a former CPA and CFO of multiple facilities, Mr. Conroy will also serve as the company’s CFO during the development and exploration stages of the company. He will contract with a CPA for quarterly SEC reports and check signing responsibilities to ensure better internal controls over the company’s financial assets. This reduces the company’s overhead and allows management to focus its capital resources on acquisition targets.
Secretary/Director and Chairman of Advisory Board - Kelly Dearth

In the early 1980’s, Mr. Dearth began working, alongside his father A.E. Dearth, in the uranium business with Dearth International, which provided geological consultation services for exploration and mining projects worldwide, including Taiwan Power, Utah Power and Light, Union Carbide and Atlas Minerals. He is also the owner of a successful construction company. Mr. Dearth has worked with private and public exploration companies/mining companies in the uranium sector including; Magnum Minerals, Energy Fuels, Pacific Metals Corp., as well as other leading companies. His extensive historical data library includes, but is not limited to, drill maps, drill logs, mine workings maps, assay reports, and miscellaneous exploration and production reporting.

  • Morning Star
    • Mr. Dearth is the founder and Owner of Morning Star, Uranium geological consulting services for corporate and individual clients. Tasks included; property evaluation and recommendation, finding and selecting potential uranium exploration target areas, evaluation of uranium exploration drilling programs, ore reserve calculations and property evaluation report preparation, evaluation of future mineral development and production properties. Mr. Dearth threw his consulting company, assisted in generating two historical properties to currant 43-101 compliant recourses.
  • River Bend, Colorado
    • Ph. D. Field Assistant for AE Dearth - Assisted in the operations of drill rigs, took cutting samples, finding and selecting potential Titanium exploration target areas.
  • Santa Fe Mining, Alaska
    • Field Geologist Assistant for AE Dearth - Plotted Rare earth surface sampling, analyze historic uranium drill data and design exploration/in-fill drill programs, submit technical reports on drilling results. Also, located and marked claim boundaries and drill sites:  Assisted in Survey project sites for missing or unidentified historic drilling and exploration potential. Fly-in/fly-out fieldwork extended backpacking trips and traverses down previously unexplored gorges and creeks.     
  • Dearth International, Utah
    • Ph. D. Field Assistant for AE Dearth - Assisted in the operations of drill rigs, took cutting samples, electronically logged (probed) each hole and final site reclamation.
Advisory Board Chairman - Kelly Dearth

Mr Dearth will Chair the Advisory Board which will focus on Acquisition targets and strategy as well as Exploration opportunities. The Board will consist of highly credentialed Geologists who have expertise in this field.